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You're going to make an amazing mom

...I'll be there every step of the way
My name is Dr. Shelly Ordon and I am a Naturopathic Doctor, Naturopathic Birth Doula and Mom.  I have always been passionate about fertility, pregnancy, postpartum health and children. Working with families is truly a blessing and watching them grow and become their healthiest selves is one of my greatest pleasures. My goal is to educate, motivate and empower people to be active participants in their health care journey.    
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Strengthen.  Build.  Support. 

Immune Support For Kids

Is your child always catching a cold or coming down with the latest infection?

Are you looking for a strategic supplement plan to support your child's immune system?

~ Comprehensive Care From Beginning to End ~


Fertility Optimization

Are you struggling to get pregnant or maintain your pregnancy? 


Pregnancy Support

You just found out you're what?


Postpartum Care


You did it!

Naturopathic Doula Services

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