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Postpartum Care

Congratulations! You did it!


The first three months after birth, also known as the Fourth Trimester, is a time for recovery.  You spent the last 9 months carrying your baby and now you’re adjusting to life with your newest family member.  Even though your newborn is your first priority, it’s also important to support your own health.


Physical and emotional support during the fourth trimester can have a significant impact on postpartum recovery. Whether your goal is successful breastfeeding, managing pain from vaginal tearing or C-section recovery, addressing postpartum anxiety or depression, healthy weight loss or overall hormone balance including preventing excessive hair loss, Dr. Shelly Ordon, N.D. can help. 


Dr. Shelly has been working with postpartum women for more than 10 years.  She provides every patient with a comprehensive initial assessment and creates a personalized treatment plan that includes recommended laboratory testing, nutrition and nutritional supplements, botanical herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy and lifestyle counseling. 


You cannot give from an empty vessel; to give to others, you must fill yourself first” – Chinese Proverb


Common concerns treated during the postpartum period:

  • Successful breastfeeding and optimizing milk supply

  • Pain management for vaginal tearing and C-section recovery

  • Postpartum Depression and postpartum anxiety

  • Postpartum weight loss

  • Postpartum hair loss


Popular programs offered by Dr. Shelly:


To learn more about how Dr. Shelly Ordon, N.D. can help you recover during the postpartum period, book your FREE consultation today.  Visits are offered either online or in-person and are covered by Extended Health Insurance, under Naturopathic Medicine.

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