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Immune Support For Kids

Is your child always catching a cold or coming down with the latest infection?

Are you looking for a strategic supplement plan to support your child's immune system?


There is nothing worse than seeing your child struggle with a cold or flu. Whether it's something mild or more severe, sick days lead to missed days of daycare and school for your child, and work for you.


Luckily, there are several options available to support your child's immune system but what works for one person may not be best for your child. For some, immune support simply requires the incorporation of a few strategic supplements and for others, it requires a more integrative and comprehensive approach.


What's worse than seeing your child sick is investing in supplements that don't actually produce a positive outcome. In order to help families get maximal benefits from immune support supplements, Dr. Shelly Ordon, N.D. created the Immune Support for Kids Appointment. 


This Visit Includes:

  • A 60-minute assessment

  • 30-minute strategic supplement plan

  • Any additional recommendations will also be made, including any relevant dietary or lifestyle changes.


The Immune Support for Kids Appointment is available online or in person, either out of Dr. Shelly's home office in Maple or out of Uptown Midwives and Family Wellness Centre. Visits are covered by extended health insurance, under Naturopathic Medicine.


To learn more about Dr. Shelly Ordon's Immune Support for Kids Appointment, book your FREE CONSULTATION today.


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