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Postpartum Weight Loss Reboot

Are you trying to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothing?


Women gain an average of 25-35Lbs during pregnancy, with some gaining significantly more.  It is no wonder that weight loss is a common goal for postpartum women.  While many lose up to 10-12Lbs immediately after childbirth, the remaining weight can be stubborn and difficult to get rid of. 


With hormones running rampant, weight loss can be hard.  Thyroid hormones are often imbalanced with about 50% of women developing a variation of postpartum Thyroiditis.  Often overlooked by Medical Doctors and treated simply as hypothyroidism, many postpartum women experience feeling “unwell” or “not themselves” since childbirth.  In addition, the stress of becoming a new mom and caring for a newborn, coupled with a lack of sleep can play a major role in impeding a postpartum woman’s weight loss success. It is also common to hear that breastfeeding can accelerate weight loss but in actuality, most women find it harder.  Weight loss is so much more than calories in versus calories out! There are so many factors involved in successful and long lasting weight loss.


Dr. Shelly Ordon, N.D. has been working with weight loss patients over the last 13 years She has helped hundreds of women successfully reach their postpartum goals. She has created the Postpartum Weight Loss Reboot Program, a program that addresses all the underlying factors that contribute to weight gain and difficulty with weight loss.  The goal is healthy and lifelong weight loss.


Dr. Shelly believes that since every person is different, no two programs can be the same.  Every patient receives a comprehensive initial assessment as well as a personalized treatment plan, including specific lab testing recommendations that are essential for successful weight loss.  She will focus on diet, nutritional and botanical supplements, acupuncture, homeopathy and lifestyle counseling.  Her goal is to foster healthy eating, restore total body balance, and provide lifelong strategies for success.


To learn if Dr. Shelly Ordon’s Postpartum Weight Loss Reboot program is right for you, book a FREE consultation today.  Visits are currently being offered online or in-person and are covered by Extended Health Insurance. 

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