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Naturopathic Care

Are you thinking about adding a Naturopathic Doctor to your health care team to enhance your fertility outcomes, optimize your pregnancy and labour, improve your recovery time postpartum and get your little one off on the right start?

Naturopathic Medicine is a comprehensive health care system that integrates modern scientific knowledge and diagnostic technology with natural therapeutic modalities to provide optimal health outcomes.  The goal of naturopathic care is to treat any underlying imbalances that may be causing or contributing to an individuals health concerns, or affecting a persons goals by stimulating the healing power of the body to restore and optimize physiological functioning.

Dr. Shelly offers effective and strategic tools to support your fertility, enhance both your pregnancy and the birthing experienceoptimize your postpartum health and support your child's health.   Dr. Shelly focuses on nutrition and nutritional supplementation, botanical herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, homeopathy and lifestyle counselling.  Treatments are unique and customized to each patient based on a comprehensive initial assessment, laboratory testing and physical examination.  

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