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  • What is a Naturopathic Doctor?
    Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care profession that emphasizes a patient-centered approach to health and well-being. Licensed Naturopathic Doctors focus on overall health optimization and the prevention of acute and chronic conditions and illnesses. The goal of a Naturopathic Doctor is to support the body's natural ability to heal and help the patient achieve sustainable health outcomes using non-invasive treatment methods. Naturopathic Medicine utilizies a functional approach to healthcare and doctors use clinical analysis and laboratory testing to identify any biochemical and physiological imbalances within an individual that may be affecting their health. Treatments most commonly utilized include but are not limited to: nutrition, nutritional supplementation, botanical herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, homeopathy and lifestyle counselling. Most treatments are evidence-based and determined by clinical experience, research and the invididual patient's unique health situation. Rather than focusing on specific symptoms, Naturopathic Doctors often investigate the underlying conditions that cause the symptoms in the first place. Treating the root cause and addressing any preventable risk factors can naturally assist the body in healthing and optimizing health outcomes and treatment goals. Treatment plans are always individualized based on a comprehensive assessment and diagnostic testing. Many Naturopathic Doctors work with integratively with Medical Doctors and other Health Care Providers to provide their patients with the best quality of care. Naturopathic medicine is based on the following principles: Utilization of therapies that are minimally invasive i.e., first do no harm The Healing power of nature Identification and treatment of the causes of disease The primary role of the doctor as the teacher Treatment of the whole person Disease prevention and health promotion
  • Are Naturopathic Doctors Covered by Extended Health Insurance?
    Naturopathic Doctors are covered by Extended Health Insurance, under Naturopathic Medicine.
  • What are your fees for Naturopathic services?
    Up to 60-Minute Initial Naturopathic Visit: $200.00 Up to 90-Minute Initial Naturopathic Assessment: $265 Comprehensive Treatment Plan: $200 60-Minute Naturopathic Follow Up Visit: $185.00 45-Minute Naturopathic Visit: $150.00 30-Minute Naturopathic Visit: $110.00 15-Minute Naturopathic Visit: $60.00 All Naturopathic Appointments are covered by Extended Health Insurance, under Naturopathic Medicine.
  • Do I need a Birth Doula if I have a Midwife?
    Yes! A Midwife is a health care provider whereas a Birth Doula is a childbirth coach. While they both help a woman through labor, their roles are quite different. You may choose a midwife over an OB-GYN or GP for your prenatal care and delivery - Midwives can deliver a baby in a hospital, birth centre or at home. It is a midwife's responsibility to ensure a safe delivery for the mother and child. A doula on the other hand, provides parents-to-be with professional knowledge and support throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. A doula works specifically with the labouring person to assist with helping to create an ideal and empowering birth experience, to provide pain management techniques and offer any additional support. She will support a womans decision to have an unmedicated or medicated birth and in the event of a cesarean birth, a doula can provide comfort and give additional attention to help alleviate any fears and anxieties that may become present.
  • What are the benefits of having a Naturopathic Birth Doula?
    Hiring a doula is a wonderful addition to a woman's birthing team. While doulas in Ontario must undergo 16 hours of training, primarily focused on labor support measures, naturopathic birth doulas have an additional 5,700 hours of basic medical sciences education including obstetrical and pediatric training. As a qualified health care professional, they are able to offer extensive prenatal support and can provide safe and effective treatment measures that are unique to each woman's case. Naturopathic Doctors offer dietary guidance, nutritional and botanical supplementation, acupuncture, homeopathy and lifestyle counselling to help optimize pregnancy and labour. Published studies show that women who work with a birth doula to receive birth support, both prior to and during labour: Are more likely to give birth spontaneously Experience shorter labour times Are less likely to use pain medication Are less likely to have a c-section delivery Are 2 times less likely to have an assisted vaginal delivery (i.e. forceps or vacuum delivery) Are more likely to involve the father at the labour Are less likely to experience birth complications Are 4 times less likely to have low-birth weight babies Are more likely to have higher 5-minute Apgar scores Are more likely to report a higher self-esteem Experience greater success with breastfeeding Are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression Are 100% more likely to report a positive birth experience Working with a Naturopathic Birth Doula allows for a unique experience where you receive the benefit of working with a doula while simultaneously being under the care of a Naturopathic Doctor.
  • What are your fee's for Naturopathic Doula Services
    Naturopathic Doula Package: $1800 Includes: 2 Prenatal Appointments Birth Attendance 1 Postnatal Appointment Naturopathic Doula Services are covered by extended health insurance, under Naturopathic Medicine. Please inquire for more information or for customized packages at:
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