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A Unique Prenatal Course that Also Prepares Your Partner to Help you Take Charge of Your Birth

Do you feel prepared for your upcoming birth? If COVID19 has changed your birth plan, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Thousands of women have been affected by new hospital policies, which now limit the number of support people at a birth to ONE.

For many, your ONE is your partner. You may have planned for a birth doula but a doulas work is best done in person and a virtual doula JUST. WONT. CUT. IT.


Studies have shown that women who have a doula are:


  • Less likely to need medical interventions

  • Less likely to experience postpartum depression

  • More likely to report shorter labour times

  • More likely to have greater success with breastfeeding and

  • More likely to experience an overall empowering and positive birth




The DIY Doula Program will prepare you for your upcoming birth and teach your partner everything he or she needs to help you take charge and give you the best, most empowering birth experience possible.  This program can be done at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, without spending tons of money.  By the end of this program you with both be ready to bring your baby into this world!




  1.  How a positive mindset can prepare you for a positive birth experience

  2. Gentle (and natural!) labour induction techniques THAT WORK

  3. What to expect during each stage of labour

  4. How to time contractions and when to go to the hospital or call your midwife

  5. Simple and effective strategies your partner can use to support you, including the most effective acupressure points, how and when to use them.

  6. How to overcome emotional obstacles in labour

  7. What to expect once baby is born and the best recommendations postpartum

  8. Everything you need to know about giving birth during Covid19 




You will also get:

  • A guide to conventional labour induction techniques

  • A Hospital Bag Check List for mom, partner and baby

  • A Home Birth Essentials Check List

  • Best practices to creating the most empowering birth plan

  • A guide to successfully establish breastfeeding with your newborn