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Focused Fertility Program

Are you considering getting pregnant?  Have you been trying to get pregnant without success?

Have you experienced recurrent pregnancy loss?

10-15% of couples struggle with fertility.  Whether the cause is related to physical or structural factors, hormone imbalances, poor egg or sperm quality or unexplained causes, difficulty conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy can take a physical and emotional toll on a couple.   Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after 12 months in people who are under 35 years old and after 6 months in people who are over 35 years old.

Studies suggest that 35% of infertility is caused by “female factors,” 30% by “male factors,” and 20% by a combination of both female and male factors.  While it was previously thought that 15% of infertility was “unexplained” it appears that number is closer to 40%. 

There is strong evidence that supports the use of Naturopathic Medicine for infertility, both on its own and as a compliment to assisted reproductive techniques such as IUI and IVF.  In fact, studies have found naturopathic approaches to fertility can increase a couples success rate by 80%!

Dr. Shelly Ordon created the Focused Fertility program with the goal of helping couples optimize their pregnancy outcomes.  Based on a comprehensive initial assessment and review of laboratory testing, she will create a strategic and individualized treatment plan for each partner using nutrition, nutritional supplements, botanical herbs, acupuncture and lifestyle modification. She will work integratively with your Medical Doctor and other Health Care Providers to ensure you receive the most elite form of care.  Visits are offered both online or in-person. Click here for your FREE consultation.

The Focused Fertility Program Includes:

  • Initial Comprehensive Assessment for each partner (Up to 90 minutes per person)

  • Individualized Nutritional Plan

  • Strategic Nutritional Supplement and Botanical Recommendations

  • Unique Acupuncture Treatment Protocol

  • On Going In-Person and Online Support

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