Prenatal class and partner support program

The DIY Doula Program

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  • The DIY Doula Program is an online comprehensive prenatal class geared at teaching you and your partner everything necessary for an empowered birth experience.  This affordable program can be done at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.  Whether you choose to have a hospital or home birth, with or without an epidural, this program will leave you feeling confident, empowered and prepared for childbirth. 

    Divided into 4 modules with a 5th bonus module, you will receive weekly emails over the course of 5 weeks. 

    You will learn:

    1. How a positive mindset can prepare you for a positive birth experience
    2. Gentle (and natural!) labour induction techniques THAT WORK
    3. What to expect during each stage of labour
    4. How to time contractions and when to go to the hospital or call your midwife
    5. Simple and effective strategies your partner can use to support you, including the most effective acupressure points, how and when to use them.
    6. How to overcome emotional obstacles in labour
    7. What to expect once baby is born and the best recommendations postpartum
    8. Everything you need to know about giving birth during Covid19


    You will have lifetime access to this program.

  • This program is non-refundable once the first module has been emailed to the purchaser.